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As automotive technology continues to evolve and cars become more than just modes of transportation, manufacturers demand materials and processes that will drive their vehicles forward safely and comfortably. Modus Advanced partners with some of the most innovative players in the industry, creating custom parts for automotive components that increase performance and longevity. Our diverse range of advanced materials and processes make us a comprehensive supplier for the automotive space. The Modus® production team collaborates with partners in the design phase and oversees operations to ensure exact specifications are met. To certify quality and accuracy, our quality team utilizes our meticulous AQL inspection procedure.  PPAP and ISO/TS 16949 certifications available for domestic and overseas production.


solutions & Applications


Environmental Sealing


EMI Shielding


Thermal Management


Sound Absorption


Custom Molded Rubber


Auxillary Power Units


Heat Manament Systems


Sound Suppression Controls


about modus

Modus® is a leading fabricator and distributor of advanced polymers and engineered solutions for the OEM marketplace. We create custom components for clients who use our products in products that range from electric vehicles, to military weapons, to artificial hearts. 

With the latest AS9100 certifications, we adhere to the strictest quality standards to ensure we deliver the most accurate, reliable products possible. Our goal of a 99% on-time delivery rating means we're committed to completing projects on time, the first time, every time.


Modus® has a comprehensive selection of advanced materials and in-house processes that enable automotive engineers to create the most high performing technologies possible. Submit a drawing of your design or speak with one of our experts to learn how these products can enhance your next project.

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