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Webinar: Designing for Manufacturability

10 Design Features that Will Make Your RF Shields and other machined parts Cost More and Take Longer to Produce

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This pre-recorded webinar covers the most common design features that lead to longer cycle times, higher costs, and ultimately longer lead times for RF shields and machined parts.

Much of the time these design features aren't needed or can be adjusted to significantly improve part cost and lead time if you know what to look for. Help ensure your part is designed for the most efficient and effective manufacturability the first time, and avoid additional time on redesigns or design changes late in the game.

📈 Design Features that Lead to Increased Cycle Time

Listen and learn about important design considerations like:
  • Ideal corner radius size for CNC machined parts
  • Design features that require additional tooling and set-up for machining
  • The effects of platings or coatings
  • Design features that make the application of form-in-place gaskets more difficult or expensive
  • Identifying critical dimensions in quality inspection requirements
  • And more!

💡 Live Design Review 

You'll also get to see a live design review where we go through an RF shielding part in its worst and best case scenario so you can truly see how big of a difference can be made to the part cost and lead time with just a few simple design tweaks!

About the Presenter:

Brian Beck, Engineering Manager

Brian has been with the Modus Advanced team for more than 6 years and has helped to adjust upwards of hundreds of parts for customers to more efficiently and effectively manufacture RF shielding parts.

Basically: He knows how to help make your designs more manufacturable, and who wouldn't want that?