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Modus Advanced, Inc. is a leading custom designer, manufacturer and distributor of performance polymer based products for the OEM marketplace.

About Modus Advanced

Founded in 1976 under the name Western Rubber & Supply, Inc., Modus Advanced, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of performance materials and engineered solutions primarily focused on OEM's. We create custom components for clients who use our products in everything from electric vehicles, to electronic test equipment, to external heart pumps. 40 years of growth and investment in technology led us to rebrand as Modus Advanced, Inc. in 2016.

Modus Advanced | OEM Manufacturer

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Idea to Ignition

What in the world does "idea to ignition" mean? Simply put, Modus Advanced, Inc. uses a time tested, measured process for taking risk out of the job of moving your project from the drawing or concept stage through full production.

Take my Idea to Ignition

Modus Advanced | Your Obvious Choice


A passion for being the obvious choice. Wouldn't it be convenient if the decisions we made on a daily basis were framed by a series of obvious choices? The people behind the products and services at Modus Advanced, Inc. are passionate about positioning our company as the obvious choice for EMI shielding gaskets, thermal interface materials (TIMs) and other high performance products. We're investing in people and processes to help Modus Advanced, Inc. become your obvious choice.

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Modus Advanced | Your Obvious Choice

Our History


Manufactured first die cut gaskets


Formed strategic alliance with first Core Supplier


Created "Partnership" designation for select accounts 


Decision to use CNC manufacturing processes 


Rebranded as Modus Advanced, Inc.

Modus Advanced | Electronics Industry


We partner with some of the most respected electronics manufacturers on the globe, providing turnkey sealing, shielding, and engineered solutions that result in flawless devices.

Modus Advanced | Medical Device Industry


We collaborate with medical device engineers throughout the entire production process, developing custom components for some of the most sophisticated, life-saving equipment on the market.

Modus Advanced | Telecom Equipment Industry


We catalyze technological advancement in communications with our range of cutting-edge materials, including environmental seals, electromagnetic shielding, and precision parts fabrication.

Modus Advanced | Aerospace Industry


With end-to-end product realization capabilities and a full line of sophisticated polymers and processes, we enable our partners to create technologies that keep them soaring.

Modus Advanced | Defense Industry


Our stock of advanced materials includes polymers that can stand up to the harshest conditions, performing in situations when it matters most. We're also ITAR certified for regulatory compliance.

Modus Advanced | Automotive Industry


Modus partners with some of the most innovative players in the industry, creating custom parts that increase performance and longevity in any automotive component.

Modus Advanced | Construction Equipment Industry


Large enough to mass produce, yet agile enough for quick turnarounds, we provide construction equipment manufacturers solutions ranging from vibration isolation to sound absorption.

Modus Advanced | Agriculture Equipment Industry


In addition to stocking parts from leading innovators like LORD and 3M, we develop custom components for some of the most sophisticated agricultural technology on the market.

Quality Certifications

Here at Modus Advanced, we're committed to the highest quality products and services. It's this commitment that keeps our partners coming back to do business with us year after year and it's also what has earned us some of the most rigorous quality certifications available.

Who We Are & Why Work With Us

Modus Advanced is a diversified company that helps take Original Equipment Manufacturers from Idea to Ignition™ by converting high performance materials into finished products.  We solve challenging engineering issues through the use of EMI Shielding, Die Cut Gaskets, Microwave Absorbers, Noise Vibration and Harshness Products, Custom Molded Rubber and Thermal Interface Materials. 

We continue to push ourselves via continuous improvement and automated metrics reporting to better serve our customers.  Through targeted investments in people, automation and equipment, we've been able to achieve an overall on-time delivery record of more than 99%.  With our primary location in the USA, Modus Advanced, Inc. is well positioned to help your company succeed.

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