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Our Customers

Invested in building more than just the “traditional supplier relationship.”

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Partnership Accounts at Modus Advanced

What does a Partnership account look like? It looks like an extension of your organization. To accomplish this, we pride ourselves on delivering on these five core promises:

  • We Promise Unparalleled Customer Service

  • We Promise a True Strategic Partnership

  • We Promise Unprecedented Access to Our Team

  • We Promise to Design Our Processes Around Your Needs

  • We Promise to Invest in Infrastructure For You

Leslie Johnson
Flory Industries
Incredible long-term benefits...

“We have seen incredible long-term benefits from the relationship we’ve built with Modus. It is so much more important than having a part-by-part transactional relationship with a vendor.”

Bruce Devine
Signal Hound
The relationship has taken our products to new heights...

“The Modus team works with us on every design to get everything right and bring up things we never would have thought about. The relationship helps take our products to new heights.”

Lead Manufacturing Engineer
Medical Devices
Modus® is a completely different experience...

“The best part about working with Modus really comes down to how much they care. You can see it in their service level, willingness to solve problems, and responsiveness. Many suppliers are not very easy to work with, but with Modus it’s a completely different experience.”

Principal Product Engineer
Modus deftly responded with creative solutions...

“When our project encountered technical and supply-chain challenges, Modus deftly responded with creative solutions that allowed us to produce superior performance parts for our medical device. Modus collaborated with us every step of the way, going the extra mile to ensure that every technical requirement was met.”

Lead Product Engineer
Continuous investment in infrastructure that supports our needs...

“One of the biggest reasons we keep coming back to Modus is their continuous investment in infrastructure that supports our needs. They truly act as an extension of our organization, helping us bring products to market faster.”

A Few of Our Partners

Case Studies


Building a 10 Year Strategic Relationship

Learn how investment in building strong relationships and robust quality processes, systems and technology have driven a long-term relationship and supported the strategic growth of this telecommunications company.


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Vertical Integration Alleviates Production Delays

Learn more about how Signal Hound was able to overcome six months of production delays by finding a manufacturing partner that offered vertical integration.


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signalhound-casestudy-thumbnail (1)-1

Solving Assembly Issues to Scale Production

Read more about how Modus supported this medical device company through a rapid prototyping phase to make a thermal adhesive easier to assemble into their final product.


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Maintaining Quality and Simplifying Purchasing

Learn more about how Flory Industries has focused on a strategic sourcing model to build stronger, more fruitful relationships with core suppliers.


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Reducing Development Cost and Time to Market

Learn how one of Modus's customers improved their speed to market with a new product.


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