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Form-in-Place Dispensing

FIP gaskets can be a cost-effective and accurate sealing solution, particularly in cases where a very small, narrow or complex gasket is required.

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In general form-in-place dispensing may be a good choice for the following situations:

  • Small, complex and intricate gaskets
  • EMI shielding for electronics
  • Environmental sealing for dust or water protection
  • Resistance to freezing, heat, UV, and corrosion
  • Fast assembly or short turn around time requirements
  • Situations where installation of the gasket is very difficult, or would be made easier if the gasket was adhered to the part surface

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Often when manufacturing a product that requires the dispensing of form-in-place gasket, it pays to have a partner who can machine your housing, dispense FIP gaskets, and manufacture other components under one roof.

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Form-in-Place Materials

We have equipment to dispense any kind of material, and experience working with materials from many suppliers. We have strategically built partnerships with industry leaders to deliver on your designs faster and with reduced costs.

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Solving Form-in-Place Production Issues

Learn more about how Signal Hound was able to overcome 6 months of production delays by finding the right form-in-place dispensing partner.


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How Does Our Process Work?

We pride ourselves on being your obvious choice as a manufacturing partner through the entire product lifecycle. We can help with prototype to production volumes, and work with you to reduce costs and lead times along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimately choosing between extrusions and FIP comes down to a part-by-part discussion. It isn’t always a simple answer, and your choice affects far more than the part itself. It also has further-reaching implications in your assembly process and, ultimately, in your part cost and speed to market.

This article is meant to help provide some insight into the thought process we put behind helping make this determination on a design by design basis.

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One of the most common questions that arises when choosing to use an FIP gasket is where to have it dispensed.

You'll want a partner that has the experience, quality systems, and trained personnel to get it right the first time.

Comparing material costs between FIP and other options isn't an apples to apples comparison. FIP offers a turnkey product which reduces your internal labor costs to install the gasket.

A quote for an FIP gasket will include both the cost of the material itself as well as the cost to dispense it onto the part. Keep in mind the resulting reduction in labor costs you'll have internally as it will remove a step in your assembly process.

We are so glad you asked. Our engineering team has built a full 6,500 word guide on just that subject to help you!

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