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Microwave and RF Absorption

Reduce antenna interference and cross talk.

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A Few of Our Partners

Companies who turn to us for microwave absorption solutions.

We UnderstandMicrowave Absorption

Material Options

Our materials engineers are available to guide you through the material selection process including selecting cavity resonance ranges, effective frequencies, and meeting material thickness requirements.

Design Feedback & Support

Our expert team provides guidance for your engineers during the design phase that will help improve the manufacturability of your design, reducing costs and lead times.

Prototype & Production Volumes

Our variety of manufacturing methods allow us to work with you to produce prototypes, run tests quickly, and scale production as you need.

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We strive to get every quote turned around in 24 hours or less to make sure you get the information you need faster.


Lead Product Engineer
Telecommunications Company
…Modus® is in it for the long haul

It is crystal clear to us that Modus is in it for the long haul, and they regularly invest in our relationship, making it an obvious choice to work with them.

Manufacturing Processes

With thousands of different materials and eight in-house processes, we pride ourselves on being your obvious choice for microwave absorption solutions.

Our variety of manufacturing processes allows us to support you from prototype to production.


Building a True Partnership

Learn why this DoD contractor values the strategic partnership they have created with Modus.


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We strive to get every quote turned around in 24 hours or less to make sure you get the information you need faster.

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