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Team Modus™ on 06/26/2020

Idea to Ignition Ep. 1: The Importance of Supply-Chain Resilience

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    Welcome to Idea to Ignition™

    Manufacturing is a big subject, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a lot in a short amount of time. From supply-chain, material selection, manufacturing processes, equipment, vertical integration, quality and emerging technology platforms, there’s too much good information to miss out on.

    Twice each month, Modus Advanced, Inc. will host a 15-minute coffee chat with innovators and thought-leaders in the manufacturing space to provide big insights in a sip-sized format.

    Coffee, Not Coffee

    In the inaugural episode of Idea to Ignition™, we're joined by our CEO, Rick MacKirdy. Like virtually every company in 2020, Modus Advanced, Inc. had to react quickly and strategically to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on the business. 

    And while Idea to Ignition™ is a coffee chat, neither Rick or Britt were sipping on coffee during their taping. Instead, Rick drank his La Croix out of a...well, you just have to watch the episode to see, and Britt, begrudgingly passed up on a mid-afternoon margarita for a more sensible choice - water.


    The Importance of Supply-Chain Resilience

    In preparation for the first episode, COVID-19 came as an obvious topic to discuss. The entire world is talking about COVID-19 and while we were certainly eager to as well, Rick wanted to make sure that what we shared in the episode was valuable, not just repeated rhetoric about the pandemic. The goal was to help other companies and individuals battle this pandemic head on and come out of it stronger. 

    During this 20-minute episode, Rick shares what Modus Advanced, Inc. has done to immediately react to minimize risk and prepare for the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on manufacturing. 

    Why Not Just Go Remote? 

    Many companies have found creative ways to 'go remote'. While many Modus Advanced, Inc. employees are able to work from home, the nature of manufacturing custom engineered parts for OEMs does require people to be on the manufacturing floor every day and it also requires a robust and dependable supply-chain so that we can deliver on promises to our customers.  Staying open as an essential business during this pandemic does come with many challenges but Modus Advanced, Inc. has worked to overcome these as you will hear in the episode. 

    And it's not just Modus Advanced, Inc., thousands of manufacturers have found themselves in a place no one expected to be and they have been forced to react and adapt rapidly  to keep their doors open.  The biggest challenge for everyone is the uncertainty...not being able to see 3,6,12 months out is very difficult for any business.

    Companies Depend On Manufacturing

    Faced with the reality of stopping production is tough! This will have a massive impact on employees, customers, supply-chains, and the financial health of a company. For Modus Advanced, Inc., being considered an essential business not only meant that we could continue to operate, but that we had a duty to operate safely and at full capacity to support our customers.   

    Rick shares how he and Trevor Glavin, Modus Advanced, Inc.'s President, felt during the early stages of the pandemic, the decision making process to keep Modus Advanced, Inc. open, and the three things they put into practice for stronger business continuity. 


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