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Case Study

How Flory Industries Maintains Quality from Suppliers and Simplifies Purchasing

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About Flory Industries

Flory Industries is considered the leader in the field of nut-harvesting equipment located in California’s Central Valley.

Flory has been repairing and building farm machinery since 1936, and currently concentrates on building nut-harvesting equipment, flail mowers, and vineyard equipment. Flory’s mission is to establish long term relationships with customers by providing quality products, parts, and services.

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A Strategic Approach to Purchasing

Leslie Johnson, Assistant Purchasing Manager for Flory Industries, helps live out this mission by creating similar relationships with the suppliers Flory depends on for the components that go into their equipment.

In an effort to ensure they can meet their promises on quality to customers, the purchasing team at Flory focuses on building long term relationships with core vendors. They seek to reduce the total number of vendors they use, and build stronger relationships with a small number of suppliers that are able to provide the quality products Flory depends on.

Having core vendors also allows us to group orders into fewer purchase orders

Our preference is always to try and order from our core vendors first, because we know the service will be impeccable. Having core vendors also allows us to group orders into fewer purchase orders rather than hundreds of tiny ones, simplifying management and reducing total costs.

– Leslie Johnson,
Assistant Purchasing Manager, Flory Industries

A 14 Year Partnership

Flory Industries and Modus have worked together for over 14 years. And the reason the team at Flory continues to come back to Modus comes down to service and quality.

While these may seem like two separate reasons, they are in fact, very intertwined. The support Modus provides means building a real relationship between the team at Modus and the purchasing team at Flory. Communication is always open, and any problems that arise can be fixed nearly immediately.

This communication means that there are no misunderstandings on quality. Because the teams work so closely together, Flory can count on the level of quality for every part delivered by Modus. In addition, everything Modus provides is backed by a quality guarantee, and should a problem ever arise, the team at Flory has no question of if it will be taken care of swiftly

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We've seen incredible long term benefits from working with Modus

We have seen incredible long term benefits from the relationship we’ve built with Modus. It is so much more important than having a part-by-part transactional relationship with a vendor.

– Leslie Johnson,
Assistant Purchasing Manager, Flory Industries

Why Quality Matters

While quality is obviously important, the relationship Modus has built with the team at Flory allows them to understand just how important it really is to Flory.

First and foremost, quality is one of the most important guarantees that Flory provides to its customers. As such, Flory relies on Modus to uphold its own brand reputation. At Modus, we do not take such responsibilities lightly, and truly understanding the needs of our customers is important to how we do business.

What’s more, when quality isn’t what it should be, equipment can fail in the field. This sets off a lengthy and expensive process to bring the equipment back in, fix it, and get it back into operation. This is precisely why Flory trusts only a core set of vendors to deliver quality products that prevent this from happening.

We value partners that treat us well

We value partners that treat us well, have excellent customer service, and exceptional quality. Fewer, deeper relationships with core suppliers like Modus allows us to better ensure we always get the quality we are expecting

– Leslie Johnson,
Assistant Purchasing Manager, Flory Industries

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