Custom Molded Rubber

Custom Molded Silicone and Rubber Made to Your Specifications

Product Overview

Instead of trying to make a standard molded rubber part fit, why not create a custom molded rubber product that perfectly conforms to your application design requirements? We specialize in custom molded silicone and custom molded rubber parts made in the USA and China.  Our team is ready to help take your project from idea to ignition here in the States or Oveseas!

Key Benefits

Custom Molded Parts Made in China and the USA

USA Parts Made Under an AS9100 Quality System

Prototype to Mass Production

Small Parts as Well as Larger or More Complex Shapes

ITAR Certified Manufacturing in the USA

Custom Molded Rubber

Custom Molded Rubber

Custom Molded Rubber Product Offerings

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I appreciate everything Modus did for Hubbell, when we had an emergency a couple of months ago - it is not forgotten. I have stressed to our engineers that Modus should be included in any quote activity on new parts. Hence, you will continue to see more orders coming in from Hubbell this year and beyond. Thank you and I look forward to continued success of our great partnership.


Industries That Use This Product

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To learn more about our custom molding program contact one of our professionals or send us a drawing. We can create custom molded rubber products that match your exact requirements.

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