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The Modus Team on 02/11/2021

Compashield® Extrusion: Versatile EMI-shielding Gaskets

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    Electromagnetic interference, or EMI, can wreak havoc on unprotected electrical and electronic equipment. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to shield devices and components from this type of damaging energy. One method is to apply gaskets cut from either electrically conductive silicone or fluorosilicone sheet. Another solution is to dispense form-in-place (FIP) gaskets directly onto components, which involves combining the sealing properties of silicone with the conductivity of metal particles such as silver, aluminum, nickel and ferrite. A third option is to use extruded EMI-shielding gaskets, like Nolato Silikonteknik’s Compashield® Extrusion products. This multifaceted line of gaskets is produced by string-injecting electrically conductive silicone into precise shapes and dimensions customized for specific applications.

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    Read our EMI Shielding Guide to help you understand how to select materials and design for EMI shielding applications. 

    Compashield is a brand of molded and extruded gaskets designed to be elastic, yet conductive, replacements for a metal conductive gasket, which is not as secure or resilient. Compashield Extrusion materials combines non-conductive silicone and EMI shielding into gaskets that can be rectangular, solid or hollow. Compashield Extrusion currently encompasses four different solutions:

    • Compashield® EE Gasket: A co-extruded, two-material gasket that provides both EMI and environmental shielding. This space-saving design features low compression set and compression force.
    • Compashield® EE Pressfit: This newer product has many of the benefits of the EE Gasket, but was engineered for quick and easy installation, without glues and adhesives. It delivers 30 db better shielding than the original EE gaskets and 10-20 percent savings on adhesives.
    • Compashield® EE Anti-stretch: A metal thread reinforcement in this shielding material minimizes stretching and shrinking. These gaskets are fixed in length, which allows for very precise, fast and error-free assembly.
    • Compashield® Soft: This flexible, O-shaped connector gasket is co-extruded with the EMI shielding surrounding a non-conductive inner layer. It features 30% lower compression force and 30% lower compression set than one-material gaskets.


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    Visit our complete EMI shielding resource center. 

    All of the Compashield Extrusion can be spliced for secure sealing. Another major benefit of these versatile emi shield materials is how easy they are to install and remove. The video below gives several demonstrations of just how simple this process is.

    Finally, Compashield Extrusion products are available in many material combinations. To see the dozens of profiles and shapes available as well as order samples, browse the Nolato Gasket Guide.

    Learn More About Compashield® Extrusion
    We are the Northern California Nolato EMC Production Center. Contact us to learn how you can cut costs and shorten assembly times with Compashield Extrusion gaskets.


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