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The Modus Team on 06/18/2019

Idea to Ignition™ - A Manufacturing Methodology

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    • Can a 4-step manufacturing methodology lead to better results?
    • Tell me more about how Idea to Ignition™ works at Modus®!

    What’s in it for you? Ultimately, we’re trying to help our readers understand how our Idea to Ignition™ methodology plays a significant role in helping get it right the first time for customers.  The thinking is that acting with speed and precision helps position not only Modus Advanced, Inc. as the Obvious Choice, but it also positions our customers for success. We deliver therefore our customers can execute on their promises!

    Can a 4-step manufacturing methodology really lead to better results?

    The quick answer is, yes!  Have you ever tried to assemble a piece of furniture that shows up on your doorstep as a 100 piece kit?  I know, it was probably tempting to simply jump right in and figure it out without following the instructions.  We’ve all done it, or at least tried!

    Assuming we weren’t all born with an amazing mechanical mind, can we agree that following work instructions and documented processes are more likely to lead to positive project results?  Creating, documenting and aligning our four-step Idea to Ignition™ methodology is proven to have a decisive impact on our metrics and our ability to get it right the first time for our customers.

    Tell me more about Idea to Ignition™, but please keep it brief!

    The phrase Idea to Ignition™ was adopted as our official tagline back in 2016 when we changed our name to Modus Advanced, Inc.  In addition to using it as our tagline, we now also use the phrase to describe our manufacturing methodology.  So we’re on the same page, when we say manufacturing methodology, we’re talking about the process a project goes through from the first discussion with an engineer to when parts ship out the door.  The same high-level methodology is used whether we’re making die cut gaskets or custom machined RF shields.

    I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard folks from the outside say, “it’s only a form in place gasket”!  We smile and say, “yep, it’s only a gasket!” What folks on the outside may not realize is manufacturing custom products is a complex endeavor.  A well-articulated methodology doesn’t reduce complexity, but rather helps the team stay on the well-worn path to project success.

    Wow, I’m thinking back to the amazing Santa Cruz Flow Trail (well-worn path) I rode in Santa Cruz, CA the other weekend.  While complex with all its twists and turns, I followed a well-worn path and successfully completed the spectacular ride without crashing!  This is a similar concept to our manufacturing methodology.

    We won’t get into the Idea to Ignition details™ in this blog, but I thought you might be interested in a very brief overview of the methodology as it applies to our SigShield™ product realization process.

    1. Idea = We will evaluate the project and determine if it’s a fit.  It’s important to look at specific project requirements during the “Idea” stage so we can quickly move the project along through our process, or politely bow out.

    2. Engineering = If we determine the project is a good fit, it’s “go time”!  Our team will review the project and confirm we can meet the customer’s requirements.  A high-level Design for Manufacturability (DFM) study is also performed. If exceptions are required, they are noted on the quote which is sent to the customer in the “Engineering” stage. 

    3. Solution = At this point we know the customer is serious about the project because we will have received a purchase order.  The order is entered into our system and then moves to the Pre-production Planning Process (PPP). Our cross-functional PPP team puts the final touches on the project before sending it to production.

    4. Ignition = The project moves through the various work cells while winding in and out of the quality department, then ultimately ships to our customers.  Our goal is always 99.5% on-time delivery with a 99.5% quality rating.

    Still with me? Great! The beauty of the Idea to Ignition™ methodology is we are able to use our proven Idea to Ignition™ process across our manufacturing platform!

    Who benefits from this?

    Well… you do (the customer) and we do (the Modus® team). It’s a clear win/win for all when we deliver with speed and precision!


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