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A Vertical Integration Model

In our industry, we’re all familiar with products that result in a particular benefit.  We developed SigShield™ as a product realization process founded on three principals: the Modus® Methodology, the inclusion of best-of-breed Nolato Trishield form-in-place gasket materials and the resulting benefits to our customers.  What began as a great machined RF shield became SigShield™.  Simply stated, the SigShield™ product realization process results in your custom turnkey RF shield.


Traditional Machined RF Shield Production

Traditionally, RF shields have been produced using a multi-vendor approach.  RF shields were machined by a preferred shop, then sent out to a second manufacturer for dispensing of the electrically conductive FIP gasket.  The multi-vendor supply chain worked well in the past and still works fine today.  In fact, Modus Advanced, Inc. is happy to support OEM's and machine shops who would rather have us dispense the Nolato form in place gasket on their aluminum shield or chassis.

Idea to Ignition™

Companies such as Siemens and Tesla see Modus Advanced, Inc. as the Obvious Choice to keep their production lines running.

Our 4-step Idea to Ignition™ methodology is the framework we use to plan, manufacture strategically and deliver turnkey machined RF shields in half the typical lead time.  Our methodology is not just a group of steps, but the expression of value to you, our customer. 

Here are the four steps from Idea to Ignition™:

RF Shield Product Offerings

Inside SigShield™

Premium Form-in-Place Gasket Materials

The second requirement of the SigShield™ product realization process is the use of premium Nolato form-in-place gaskets. 

Through our long-term partnership with Nolato, we’ve come to trust not just their products, but their entire process and team. We are proud to include Nolato Trishield form-in-place gasket materials as a part of the SigShield™ product realization process. 

As Nolato’s North American Production Partner, we now stock and process many of their most popular form-in-place materials, including TriShield 2.0.

Standard materials and additional options:


Nolato Trishield Form-in-Place Gasket

downloadWhile traditional EMI shielding gaskets are die-cut from a separate piece of material to form a seal between surfaces, the Nolato Trishield® EMI shielding form-in-place gasket process dispenses a precise string of electrically conductive silicone directly onto your RF shield. The electrically conductive Trishield material is then formed into its characteristic triangular shape and cured. The resulting EMI shielding gasket requires lower compression force, uses less material and typically cost less.

Nolato Compatherm Thermal Pads

Nolato Compatherm Thermal Pads - Option 1

Compatherm Pad is in Nolato’s product family of Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) and made with high-quality materials designed to meet the most rigorous application demands. These soft, thermally conductive silicone pads can be used where heat must be conducted between a component and a heat dissipating surface, without any added stress or to bridge a gap for increased heat dispersion. Compatherm Pads are available over a wide range of thicknesses, mechanical properties, liner solutions, and thermal performance. We can also customize solutions based on your specific needs.

Nolato Compatherm Thermal Pads
HiMag Surface Wave Microwave Absorber

Modus HiMag™ Microwave Absorbers - Option 2

Modus-Advanced-logoOur HiMag™ Series of EMI / Microwave absorbing materials are dense rubber and foam based absorbers engineered and tested to exhibit superior performance in the most demanding military and commercial applications. Standard and custom high-performance HiMag™ microwave absorber materials can be fabricated into custom shapes on one of our CNC cutting machines. Prior to cutting, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) can be added to any of our HiMag™ absorber products to simplify installation.

HiMag Surface Wave Microwave Absorber

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Benefits of SigShield™

A core component of the SigShield™ process is that is must result in significant benefit to you, our customer. To be the Obvious Choice, we work hard to create an environment where excellence is expected and we're proud to say that we have success stories to prove it.

Turnkey RF shields in 1/2 the typical lead time

Reduced risk via complete project DFM

Manufactured in our AS9100 certified facility

ITAR registered

Made With Premium Nolato EMI and Thermal Products

The convenience of a one-stop-shop

RF Shield Vertical Integration Overview


Discover why companies such as Tesla and Siemens see Modus Advanced, Inc. as the obvious choice to deliver reliable, high-quality custom products.

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Thomas Holscher of Hubbell says:

I appreciate everything Modus did for Hubbell, when we had an emergency a couple of months ago - it is not forgotten. I have stressed to our engineers that Modus should be included in any quote activity on new parts. Hence, you will continue to see more orders coming in from Hubbell this year and beyond. Thank you and I look forward to the continued success of our great partnership.

Industries That Use SigShield™

Nolato Trishield form-in-place EMI shielding gaskets are regularly specified by companies in the telecommunications equipment market because of the proven performance advantages over traditional D-shape dispensed gaskets.

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