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CNC Machining Resource Center

All our CNC machining resources have been organized below to help you answer your most common questions.

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CNC machining capabilities

Start with The Complete CNC Machining Guide

The team at Modus Advanced has put together this guide to CNC Machining to help you understand when to use CNC machining, how the manufacturing process works, and how to assess potential partners. Read everything right on page (no form fill required), or get a PDF to keep!

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CNC Machining Services for RF Shields

This article breaks down key considerations for selecting a CNC machining partner for RF shield production.  Read on to learn more about:

  • Choosing the Right CNC Machining Services Partner for RF Shields
  • Why Vertical Integration is Preferred 
  • And More!

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Precision CNC Machining Services: A Breakdown of Modus's Capabilities

This article breaks down the capabilities available in-house at Modus as they relate to CNC machining. Read on to learn more about:

  • EMI and RF Shielding Enclosures
  • Enclosures with FIP Gaskets
  • And More!

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Choosing a CNC Machining Partner for the Prototyping Phase 

This article covers the questions you should ask when seeking a CNC machining partner for the prototyping phase of your project.

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CNC Machining Services for RF Shields

Modus has wide-ranging RF shield manufacturing capabilities that reduce headaches and speed up lead times. Learn more here.

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