Vibration Isolation, Shock Attenuation and Sound Damping Designed to Improve the Experience

Product Introduction

Modus Advanced, Inc. manufactures and distributes a full range of sophisticated materials and products designed to reduce the harmful affects of noise, vibration and shock. Through our partnerships with LORD Corporation and Technicon Acoustics we're able to help our customers significantly improve the user experience.

Key Benefits

Multiple Manufacturing Processes Allowing Design Flexibility

Dramatically Improve the Customer Experience

Manufactured Under Aerospace Level Process Control

Custom Sizes, Shapes and Specifications

Engineered for Maximum Performance


Technicon Acoustics Introduction Video

Product Offerings

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When our project encountered technical and supply-chain challenges, Modus™ deftly responded with creative solutions that allowed us to produce superior performance parts for our medical device. Modus collaborated with us every step of the way, going the extra mile to ensure that every technical requirement was met.


Industries That Use This Product

Modus creates fully customized acoustic absorption solutions. Submit a drawing of your design or speak with one of our experts to learn how these products can enhance your next project.

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