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Parker Chomerics Form-in-Place Gasket Materials

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    The Chomerics division of Parker Hannifin Corporation is a global leader in the development of thermal interface and electrically conductive materials. The company serves a broad range of industries and creates high-quality materials for a variety of applications, including those that require form-in-place (FIP) gaskets

    Major companies across aerospace, defense, telecommunications and electronics know Parker Chomerics form-in-place gasket materials for their high level of quality. Modus Advanced routinely employs Parker Chomerics materials in the production of FIP gaskets for our customers.

    In this post, the Modus Advanced team walks you through the available FIP gasket materials from Parker Chomerics so you can make an informed gasket material choice as you move forward with your design. Read on to learn more. 

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    Conductive Parker Chomerics Form-in-Place Gasket Materials

    Parker Chomerics offers a line of electrically conductive FIP gasket materials called CHO-FORM®. These materials are dispensed directly onto machined metal, castings and conductive plastic housings and provide excellent electrical contact.

    There are several FIP gasket materials to choose from within the CHO-FORM line:

    CHO-FORM 5513

    CHO-FORM 5513 has a silicone base and conductive filler material made from silver and copper. This material comes with excellent electrical properties and adheres strongly to the surface on which it is dispensed. 

    CHO-FORM 5541

    With a silicone base and a nickel and graphite filler, CHO-FORM 5541 offers superior resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, as well as strong electrical conductivity. This material is also highly effective at electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, although it is less effective than CHO-FORM 5513 and CHO-FORM 5560.

    CHO-FORM 5550

    CHO-FORM 5550 is another Parker Chomerics form-in-place gasket material that contains a nickel and graphite filler material and silicone base material. The main property that differentiates this material from CHO-FORM 5541 is softness. Its hardness and tensile strength ratings are lower, but CHO-FORM 5550 still offers galvanic corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand high temperatures. 

    CHO-FORM 5560

    Nickel and aluminum fill this silicone-based FIP gasket material. CHO-FORM 5560 stands out among the CHO-FORM line because it offers the best resistance to galvanic corrosion. Its other properties are highly similar to CHO-FORM 5550, with only slight differences.

    CHO-FORM 5575

    CHO-FORM 5575 has a silicone base and a silver and aluminum filler. This material scores the highest hardness rating of the CHO-FORM materials. Although it is not the most effective EMI shield of the line, CHO-FORM 5575 still offers effective EMI shielding.

    CHO-FORM 5526

    Silver filler makes this FIP gasket material from Parker Chomerics an excellent choice for conductivity, grounding and EMI shielding, but the costs associated with silver can make this material among the more expensive options. CHO-FORM 5526 is not recommended for applications that require galvanic corrosion resistance.

    CHO-FORM 5528

    CHO-FORM 5528 is a relatively soft material with low closure force. It’s filled with silver and copper and based in silicone. Note that this material is less resistant to higher temperatures than many of the other materials in the CHO-FORM family.

    CHO-FORM 5538

    A silicone base and nickel and carbon filler make CHO-FORM 5538 resistant to galvanic corrosion. It is similar to CHO-FORM 5528, but it offers higher hardness and tensile strength ratings.

    For more information on the properties of CHO-FORM FIP gasket materials, check out the material selector guide here and here.

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    Non-Conductive Parker Chomerics FIP Gasket Materials

    Parker Chomerics offers a range of non-conductive FIP gasket materials with its ParPHorm® line. With dispensing beads ranging from 0.46 millimeters to 1.57 mm, these compounds are specifically designed to be dispensed onto small housings.

    Non-conductive Parker Chomerics form-in-place gasket materials come in three varieties:

    ParPHorm 1800

    A silicone elastomer, ParPHorm 1800 offers the lowest hardness and tensile strength of the ParPHorm line, but its elongation properties score the highest of the three materials. This material is meant for very small enclosures and offers strong compression set, low closure force and excellent adhesion.

    ParPHorm S1945-25

    ParPHorm S1945-25 is similar to ParPHorm 1800 in that it is a silicone elastomer, but it is somewhat harder and has higher tensile strength. 

    ParPHorm L1938-45

    Unlike silicone-based ParPHorm 1800 and ParPHorm S1945-25, ParPHorm L1938-45 is a fluorosilicone FIP gasket material. It is the hardest of the ParPHorm materials, nearly doubling the hardness of ParPHorm S1945-25. 

    For more information on the properties of ParPHorm FIP gasket materials, check out the ParPHorm selector tool here

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    Curing Parker Chomerics FIP Gasket Materials

    Parker Chomerics FIP gasket materials are all cured either thermally or with moisture. Thermal curing takes place for at least half an hour at temperatures ranging from 100 to 150°C. Moisture curing takes place over at least 24 hours at room temperature. The thermal curing process tends to offer stronger adhesion, while the moisture curing process allows materials to be dispensed onto low-temperature housings.

    Here are the Parker Chomerics FIP gasket materials that are cured thermally:

    • CHO-FORM 5513
    • CHO-FORM 5541
    • CHO-FORM 5550
    • CHO-FORM 5560
    • ParPHorm S1945-25
    • ParPHorm L1938-45

    And here are the materials that are cured with moisture:

    • CHO-FORM 5575
    • CHO-FORM 5526
    • CHO-FORM 5528
    • CHO-FORM 5538
    • ParPHorm 1800

    The Best Manufacturers Use the Best Materials

    In manufacturing, materials matter. The best gasket manufacturers know that, and they make an enormous, ongoing effort to work with only the best material manufacturing companies. Parker Chomerics is one of those companies.

    With a broad range of options to suit nearly any gasket application, Parker Chomerics form-in-place gasket materials offer a solution for even the most intricate FIP gasket design. If you want the best materials and the best manufacturer for your design, you want to work with Modus Advanced. To get started, give us a call at (925) 960-8700 or contact us online.


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