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Team Modus™ on 10/13/2020

Modus Advanced, Inc.: Proudly Manufacturing in the USA

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    Finding made-in-the-USA goods is a challenging prospect. The more complex or compliance-driven a product is, the more difficult it is to source all parts nationally. It is difficult, but it is also in demand. According to a 2017 Reuters/Ipsos poll, 70% of American consumers consider whether a product is made in the USA as somewhat necessary to their purchasing decisions. 

    For defense, aerospace, and some OEMs, the demand is not just a preference but also a requirement.

    There are some considerable benefits to the U.S. made products:

    • Guaranteed safe working conditions 
    • High labor standards
    • Environmentally-friendly production
    • Creation of American jobs
    • Money stays in the community: local and national 


    In specific sectors, American-made also cuts down on the red tape needed to meet government or industry regulations.

    Modus offers the U.S. made solutions for:

    • Environmental sealing
    • Electromagnetic interference shielding
    • Thermal management
    • Shock and vibration isolation
    • Sound absorption
    • Custom molded rubber
    • Missile guidance systems
    • Radar
    • GPS Systems
    • Military communications

    Why Manufacturer in the U.S.?

    Critical industries are the cornerstone of our work at Modus Advanced, Inc. U.S.-made products are preferred and sometimes required in the defense and aerospace industries. To provide components in these industries, suppliers need to be compliant with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 7012. The first step in staying compliant is keeping products U.S. made, but that’s only the beginning. ITAR and DFARS have such a demanding list of requirements that very few suppliers measure up to. 

    Here is more insight into ITAR and DFARS 7012 Compliance.

    ITAR Compliance

    In short, ITAR is a U.S. regulation that controls defense and aerospace technologies. Any products made for defense or military equipment must be ITAR compliant. That equipment can range from obvious things like weapons and aircraft to less obvious personal protective gear, and even IoT sensors. And if the final product needs to be compliant, then all of the components do as well.

    So what does ITAR compliance entail? 

    All data (physical or digital) related to defense or military projects is restricted to US citizens.

    It is easy enough to keep physical blueprints under lock and key, but the digital age introduces countless new data security challenges. DFARS 7012 addresses many of these digital security requirements.

    DFARS 7012 Compliance

    DFARS 7012 is similar to ITAR, except it is a set of rules essential to doing business with the Department of Defense (DOD). These standards stipulate the handling of defense information and quick reporting for any breaches. The requirements for DFARS are exacting. In its provisions, the DOD outlines precise methods of handling:

    • Access Control
    • Awareness and Training
    • Audit and Accountability
    • Configuration Management
    • Identification and Authentication
    • Incident Response
    • Maintenance
    • Media Protection
    • Personnel Security
    • Physical Protection
    • Risk Assessment
    • Security Assessment
    • System and Communications Protection
    • System and Information Integrity


    Behind each of these categories is a definite process that ensures the utmost quality. For manufacturers like Modus, this means allocating resources, staff, and ongoing audits to ensure we meet those standards every time. Implementing all of them requires a fundamentally different process than most suppliers are willing to commit to. At Modus, we built our company with this type of quality in mind. 

    U.S. Made RF shields with SigShield™

    SigShield™ is our process to get you made-in-the-U.S., turnkey radio frequency (RF) shields faster than ever before. By producing our RF shields entirely in-house, we guarantee ITAR and DFARS 7012 compliance and cut the lead time in half. With an industry-standard lead time of 10-12 weeks, we can get finished products to you in four weeks. 

    We know that the U.S. made products are essential to our clients. 

    SigShield delivers:

    • The highest quality products. Every single component goes through strict quality controls.
    • One supplier, one solution. When you would usually have to coordinate multiple vendors to get your project done, you can make one call to us, and we handle all of it in-house. 
    • Less risk than ever before. You don’t have to worry about products coming in out of spec. You’ll have the same engineering team working on your project from start to finish, and they will be here to make sure everything goes exactly to plan. 

    Modus: The Obvious Choice for U.S. Made Products

    Putting the components in place for ITAR compliance and DFARS 7012 wasn’t easy. At Modus Advanced Inc., it’s core to our operations. Our customers demand that level of quality and security and recognize it when they see it. For discerning clients, we’re the obvious choice. Contact us to get a quote or inquire further. 

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