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Team Modus™ on 10/09/2020

Idea to Ignition™ Ep. 4: Revolutionizing RF Shield Production with SigShield™

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    This episode features a discussion with:


    Rick MacKirdy

    • Role: Chief Executive Officer, Modus Advanced, Inc.
    • Drinking: Coffee

    Trevor Glavin

    • Role: President of Modus Advanced, Inc.
    • Drinking: Water

    Britt Schwartz

    • Role: Marketing at Modus Advanced, Inc.
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    The team stayed glued to their chairs since the last episode, and this time, they’re talking about SigShield™. What is it and why is it so valuable for customers? 

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    RF Shielding SigShield Whitepaper

    SigShield: So Much More than RF Shielding.

    Here are the details of this episode:

    What is SigShield™?

    SigShield™ is a product realization process that delivers clients custom, turnkey RF shields (RF shield, FIP gasket, thermal pads, absorbers and other components) through a single vendor in half the typical lead time. Traditionally, companies need to source all of these components through multiple vendors and it can increase lead times and cost. Partnering with Modus and the SigShield™ process allows you to have one vendor to machine the shield, dispense the Form-in-Place (FIP) gasket, and manufacture other key components all under one roof. 

    Turning an engineering design into a physical product is a complex process. SigShield™ simplifies the process and delivers faster, on budget, and right the first time. 

    Our leaders, Rick + Trevor describe it this way:

    “We saw the inefficiencies in the traditional multi-vendor process and decided we could do better. With SigShield™, you bring us your idea, we put it through our four-step Idea-to-Ignition™ process (more on that later), and the result is a turnkey solution that enables our customers to bring products to market sooner."

    Benefits of SigShield™

    By keeping the process under one roof, we can get your product to you faster than ever before. When we say fast, we are talking about less than half the typical lead-time.

    A 10-12 week lead-time is standard for machined RF shields. All of our in-house processes allow us to manufacture RF shields and all of the other components in half the time. That means your product gets to market faster and starts making money sooner.

    Speed is essential, but that certainly isn’t the only benefit. With us, you will get:

    • USA made products. Through SigShield™, all components are USA made. We are AS9100, ITAR and, soon to be, CMMC level 3 compliant. Cybersecurity and quality control are critical and we take it very serious at Modus. 

    • The highest quality. The work for the entire project goes through our stringent quality and engineering process. Parts will not leave Modus unless they match drawing specifications and meet our company standards.
    • Fewer logistics. You don’t have to coordinate with multiple suppliers. Modus will leverage in-house processes to manufacture multiple parts in parallel, which will allow us to deliver a complete solution in half the typical lead time. 
    • Unparalleled risk mitigation. We leverage our proven process to mitigate risk.  It isn’t just about doing it faster, it’s about doing it right and delivering on our promises.


    We have Idea-to-Ignition™ to thank for making this all possible. Idea-to-Ignition™ is our four-step process to turn your ideas into reality. The process goes like this:

    1. Idea - You have an idea. Our sales and engineering teams meet with you to learn more about it. We look at the project requirements and our capabilities at this stage. Once we understand what you’re looking for, we can tell you confidently if the job is a perfect fit for us.
    2. Engineering - At this stage, it’s “go time”. We review the design in-depth and offer our feedback. We’ll also perform a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) to make sure we’re getting it right the first time.
    3. Solution - You send us the order, and we move this into pre-production planning. Our team puts the finishing touches on it and moves the order to production.
    4. Ignition - The project moves through production, and we handle the nitty-gritty—your product ships to you on time and in spec.

    Who is SigShield™ right for?

    SigShield™ may not be the right fit for everyone, but when it is, it’s the perfect fit. We’ve designed this process for a specific type of client. Often it will be perfect for clients in these industries:

    • Satellite communication 
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Medical
    • Test equipment


    Developing a strong cybersecurity stance and becoming CMMC level 3 compliant isn’t easy. Frankly, very few suppliers are willing to make this investment. We see it as a necessity. Our customers recognize the time and effort we put into our quality control and cybersecurity. For those types of clients, we’re the obvious choice.

    If you’re interested in hearing more, we have a dedicated engineer for you to work with no matter where you are. Get in touch with us through the contact link on our website. We have a team set up to support every area, and we would love to start working with you for your next project. 

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