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Team Modus™ on 10/06/2020

RF Shield Lead Times With Modus Advanced Inc.

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    Get turnkey RF shields produced and shipped in 3 weeks, without dealing with multiple vendors.

    You heard that right. 

    Here at Modus, we operate with an enormous sense of urgency and stand behind our promises.  Here are a few of our guiding principles:

    • Speed & Precision: we deliver high quality components in half the typical lead time, which allows our customers to move faster.
    • One Day Matters: delivering manufactured components on time can literally mean life and death for military troops and medical patients relying on products that are built with parts from Modus so we take on-time delivery very seriously.
    • Be the Obvious Choice: we want our customers to call us first because we deliver value on every level.


    As you can imagine, lead time is critical in the fast paced world we live in. Our customers face tighter deadlines than ever before and we’re here to support this challenge through innovation and our proven processes. 

    We understand that shorter lead times give you:

    • The ability to bring product to market sooner
    • An edge over your competitors
    • Agility in a rapidly changing environment
    • Increased cash flow
    • Cost savings

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    The Traditional Approach to RF Shields

    The traditional approach to RF shield production involves multiple suppliers. One supplier for the machined part, another for FIP gaskets, another for thermal pads and absorbers and so on.  In this approach, clients would need to:

    • Qualify several suppliers able to meet their specifications and expectations
    • Coordinate lead times and ship dates between all suppliers
    • Manage delays, overrun costs, and quality control

    If everything goes smoothly, the typical lead time is 10-12 weeks to get an RF shield with an FIP gasket, thermal pads and absorbers. The reality is not ideal and we understand that there are bottlenecks and delays. Every time a product ships between suppliers, it increases the risk of lost time. Just because it’s the industry standard doesn’t mean we have to accept it. We challenge the status quo.

    Delivering Turnkey RF Shields with SigShield

    At Modus, we believe our customers deserve better, so we developed SigShield™. SigShield™ is a product realization process that delivers a custom shield through a single vendor. Because we are a single vendor, we can deliver high quality parts in half the typical lead time while greatly reducing risk and cost. How fast can we move at Modus?


    We can deliver a turnkey RF shield to you in as little as three weeks. 


    And the benefits don’t stop there. SigShield™ gives you:

    • USA made with AS9100, ITAR, and CMMC level 3 compliance
    • Stringent quality checks 
    • Engineering Team design and manufacturing support (DFM)
    • One-stop-shop solution with a single point of contact

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    Once our clients absorb the details, the next question we always get is, how is this possible? 

    The first step was vertical integration. We’ve taken the traditional RF shielding model of multiple suppliers and collapsed it. Rather than contracting various suppliers for your job, Modus handles machining, plating, FIP dispensing, die-cutting, and molding.

    This vertical integration cuts out the excess time required for coordinating and shipping between suppliers. Most importantly, it removes risk incurred by your product changing hands over and over again. Time delays and part damage can derail a build schedule so we focus on removing this risk. 

    Turn Your Project Into Reality With Idea-to-Ignition

    Our four-step internal methodology, Idea to Ignition™ governs everything we do. The steps are:

    1. Idea - you have an idea. Our sales and engineering teams meet with you to learn more about it and make sure we’re a perfect fit for the job. 
    2. Engineering - we review the rf shielding design in-depth and offer our feedback. We’ll also perform a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) to ensure we get the product and material right for production the first time. 
    3. Solution - you send us the order, and we move it into pre-production planning. Our team puts the finishing touches on it and moves the order to production.
    4. Ignition - our production team starts work on the project and we handle the rest. You get the order exactly to your standards and on time. 

    This type of partnership is what our business is based on. We follow these steps for every project, whether it’s a gasket or custom RF shield. 

    We understand just how much pressure our customers are under to reduce lead times. We are here to make that happen with SigShield™ and Idea-to-Ignition™. As a one-stop shop for custom RF shields, we can produce custom RF shields in half the typical lead time. And with Idea-to-Ignition™, we’re going to make sure we get it right the first time. 

    Find out how Modus can take your idea to ignition.


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