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RF Shielding Solutions: A Breakdown of Modus's Capabilities

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    keypoints-top-borderKey Points

    • Typical RF shielding solutions leave designers unimpressed or even upset.
    • Modus has wide-ranging RF shield manufacturing capabilities.
    • Our team also offers expert design guidance and vertical integration to reduce headaches and speed up lead times.


    It’s a sad truth in our industry that most people who have had a radio frequency (RF) shield manufactured would not rate the process highly on a scale of 1 to 10. That’s often a result of poor manufacturing quality, exorbitant prices, long lead times or feeling like they’ve been left in the dark throughout the process.

    At Modus Advanced, a big part of our day-to-day mission is to make sure none of our customers have that experience. This endeavor has led us to innovate to create processes and systems that act as the perfect complement to our world-class RF shield manufacturing capabilities.

    The result is that we are a trusted leader in RF shielding solutions. In this post, we’ll break down our RF shield capabilities through the lens of manufacturing, partnership and bottom-line numbers. Read on.

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    RF Shielding Resource Center

    Visit the Modus RF Shielding Resource Center

    Manufacturing Capabilities

    The first thing you need to know about our RF shielding solution is that it involves a wide range of manufacturing capabilities. To manufacture your RF shield, we can use the following processes:

    While we can do those and other types of manufacturing to make your RF shield, the truth is that the vast majority of RF shields we manufacture for customers are created with CNC milling and FIP dispensing. A CNC machinist makes the metal housing, and then we use an FIP gasket dispenser to apply RF-shielding gaskets where the design calls for them.

    That isn’t because we prefer those methods — it’s simply because those two methods tend to be the most budget-friendly, precise and effective for RF shields.

    Design Feedback and Guidance 

    When you partner with Modus, you get the benefit of working with a team that is more than 10% engineers. You’re probably an engineer — or your team has engineers on it — so why should that matter to you?

    Because we have leveraged our engineer-heavy team to provide a design for manufacturability (DfM) review to all of our customers. This process is relatively simple, but it can catch costly errors or design attributes before they actually become a problem to you. 

    When you partner with us, you submit your design. And soon — we strive to get information back within 24 hours — with a review that includes expert guidance on how the design could be tweaked to be more manufacturable. That saves you money and headaches.

    Yes, your team has engineers on it. But engineers don’t all know how to do everything. Our team has manufacturing engineers who know everything there is to know about manufacturing RF shields. And we’re more than happy to share that knowledge to make your project better all around.

    Lighting-Fast Lead Times

    This is our “But wait — there’s more” moment. We can manufacture your RF shield with the best processes, tools and materials for the job, and we can offer design guidance to save you money and stress. And there’s more: We can get your RF shield back to you in less than half the usual lead time.

    How do we do it? With our proprietary SigShield™ process. “SigShield” is our way of saying vertical integration. By combining the machining of the metal housing, the application of platings and coatings, the dispensing of FIP gaskets and the application of thermal and microwave absorbers under our roof, we cut lead times in half.


    In other words, you’ll get your completed RF shield in one to three weeks rather than four to six weeks. For projects on a tight timeline, that can mean everything. But vertical integration has other benefits: You also save on freight costs because you aren’t sending your part back and forth between four or more manufacturers. You just send the  design to us, and we send the RF shield to you.

    The Last RF Shielding Solution You’ll Ever Need: Modus

    All that’s a long way of saying we’re going to be the last RF shielding solution you ever need — and the best one you’ve ever found. We can manufacture your RF shield with the best, most cutting-edge methods, help you assess your design for manufacturability and get it all done in a fraction of the typical lead time.

    If that sounds good to you, we want to hear from you. Our team is ready to take your call at 925-960-8700, or you can reach out to us online any time. Let’s get to work.


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