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RF Shielding Solutions

SigShield™: A vertically integrated process for building an RF shield in half the typical lead time.

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Redefining the RF Shield Production & Procurement Process

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Vertically Integrated
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Your Custom RF Shield
Delivered in 1/2 the Typical Lead Time

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What makes SigShield™ better than the traditional RF shield production and procurement process?

4x the Number of Manufacturing Processes

A SigShield™ quote covers four concurrent manufacturing processes all under a single roof.

1/2 the Lead Time

Shields are delivered in half the typical lead time, or faster.

1/4 the Freight Cost

Your part ships to you once, at the end of the process, rather than four separate times between multiple vendors.

100% Fewer Headaches

Fewer vendors means less administration, communication, and risk for errors.

A Few of Our Partners

TheSigShield™ Process


Machining of Metal Housing

We start by machining your metal housing according to your design requirements.


CNC Machining Capabilities

Want to know how to make your machined housing faster, and less expensive, to manufacture?

Design Guidance from Our Experts

We have horizontal, vertical and 5-axis milling machines in both our Livermore and Carlsbad facilities.


Plating & Coatings

Once your housing has been machined, we'll apply required platings or coatings as specified in your designs.

After the completion of coatings, your parts go through a 100% inspection before moving on to form-in-place dispensing.


Form-in-Place Gasket Dispensing

Once your housing is completed, we'll apply form-in-place gaskets as specified in your design.


FIP Dispensing Capabilities

Want to make sure form-in-place gasket design is top notch?

Design Guidance from Our Experts

We have Datron form-in-place dispensing machines in both our Livermore and Carlsbad facilities.

STEP 4 (Optional)

Addition of Thermal Materials and Microwave Absorbers

In parallel with machining and FIP dispensing, we can manufacture thermal materials and/or microwave absorbers to apply to your part before shipping.

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We can pre-cut the materials required concurrently with machining and FIP dispensing, so your thermal materials or absorbers are ready to apply immediately.

Our capabilities include die cutting, CNC cutting and waterjet cutting to prepare your materials.

All Capabilities

Thermal Pads | Advantages


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We strive to get every quote turned around in 24 hours or less to make sure you get the information you need faster.


Certifications and Standards to Meet Your Needs

Compliant Program
ISO 9001

Signal Hound Improves Production

Learn how Signal Hound was able to overcome six months of production delays by finding a partner who offered vertical integration.


Read the Case Study
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How Does Our Process Work?

We pride ourselves on being your obvious choice as a manufacturing partner through the entire product lifecycle. We can help with prototype to production volumes, and work with you to reduce costs and lead times along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked to explain what makes our SigShield™ process different than traditional RF shield production. It can be hard to compare the two head to head when just looking at a quote because the process we’ve built is so unique that most people don’t even know something like it exists.

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The SigShield™ product realization process fits perfectly in certain situations. This article will help you to identify the circumstances where SigShield™ might be an attractive option.

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You'll find most often that SigShield™ is less expensive than traditional production methods.

Essentially, the traditional method involves shipping at a minimum of four times throughout the process (once between each manufacturing step). In many cases, customers actually ship the product back to their own facility to complete an inspection in between each step, which actually means you are shipping parts upwards of eight times across the life of the process.

With SigShield™ you pay for shipping one time, at the end of your project. This means that you are saving at minimum 1/4 of the freight cost and potentially up to 1/8 of the freight cost over the total life of production.

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The DFM review is a business consulting service in which the experts on the Modus engineering team review your design and work with you collaboratively to design and develop solutions to realize and improve the manufacturability of your design, reduce your lead times for parts, and spare you any unnecessary manufacturing costs, using a vertically integrated design and manufacturing process.

Details About the DFM Process

You're looking for faster lead times to machine your radio frequency (RF) Shields, because each day sooner you can bring your product to market means a huge impact on the bottom line.

Learn how SigShield can help you get there faster. The product realization process behind SigShield that takes your custom RF Shield from idea to reality provides you with:

  • A single-vendor solution: one vendor for the entire machining process means less risk for error and faster results.

  • A more robust final product: the use of Nolato Trishield® shielding material means you get flawless RF shielding effectiveness.

  • Unrivaled quality: SigShieldTM meets the strictest compliance standards including AS9100, NIST 800-171, and DFARS 252.204-7012.

  • Access to experts: our 4-step production methodology creates a collaborative experience where you work directly with our most experienced engineers to build the ideal shield to meet your project requirements.


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Mechanical Engineers often face tight deadlines when trying to design new RF shields with form in place gaskets. Projects that seem simple can quickly become complex when multiple components must come together in a timely manner to achieve production goals. Cost overruns, delays, defects, and poor risk control present significant barriers to project success.

One of the biggest challenges mechanical engineers face is the standard four to six-week lead times typical of multi-step CNC-milled RF shields. Component manufactures often view the standard lead times as necessary to mitigate risk and improve quality and cost. However, manufacturers that employ high-quality, vertically-integrated processes can create excellent quick-turn parts by reducing lead times to as little as one to three weeks.

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We strive to get every quote turned around in 24 hours or less to make sure you get the information you need faster.

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