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Modus Advanced Blog

Providing relevant information on cutting-edge manufacturing materials and processes to help our partners move from idea to ignition.

Incorporating AI for Manufacturing Quality Control

On the manufacturing floor, a lot of brains are working really hard and at high speed to make sure the end product is of perfect quality. All the disparate systems and processes, all the moving parts — that takes a lot of intelligence and hard work to keep together. Would it be such a bad thing if some of the intelligence that powers all of these systems was artificial?

Blanket POs: How to Avoid Supply Chain Disruption in 2022

Die Cut Gaskets eGuide: 5 Frequent Design Oversights & How to Address Them

If you make a mistake during the design phase, you run the risk of going over budget and not receiving your solution in time. Our latest eGuide will help you avoid these common design oversights. Get a free copy by subscribing to our blog.

5 Considerations for EMI Shielding in Space Applications

Choosing the Wrong Manufacturing Partner: Recovering from Quality Control Issues

Depth vs. Breadth of Manufacturing Expertise: Which is Best?

Modus Advanced Welcomes Daryle Ostrowski as Procurement Assistant

The Story of SigShield™: So Much More than Just an RF Shield

What makes Modus™ unique is as much our process as it is our product. Not just the standard and expected process of manufacturing, but the dedication to evolution in our work for the benefit of our customers.

SigShield™ Turnkey Machined RF Shields – Wait, What?

A SigShield™ Success Story

Compashield® Extrusion: Versatile EMI-shielding Gaskets

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