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Providing relevant information on cutting-edge manufacturing materials and processes to help our partners move from idea to ignition.

Engineers Make Up More Than 10% of Our Staff. Here’s Why You Should Care.

If you have been following Modus Advanced for any length of time, you have probably heard us talking about our engineers. They make up more than 10% of our staff, and we talk about that a lot. There’s a good reason for that: We believe our staff engineers set us apart from the vast majority of other converters or manufacturing partners you could choose.

Aerospace Material Specification Materials

Die Cut Gaskets eGuide: 5 Frequent Design Oversights & How to Address Them

If you make a mistake during the design phase, you run the risk of going over budget and not receiving your solution in time. Our latest eGuide will help you avoid these common design oversights. Get a free copy by subscribing to our blog.

Our Chosen Quality Control Software for Manufacturing

MIL SPEC AA-59588 Class 3 Silicones

Incorporating AI for Manufacturing Quality Control

Our Take: What’s Missing from the 5G vs. Airlines Debate? EMI Shielding

MIL SPEC AA-59588 Class 2 Silicones

When you’re designing a highly sensitive part or device — such as the kinds common in the defense and aerospace industries — you have virtually endless materials to choose from, but only a handful will actually deliver the right technical performance, meet all standards of quality and other specifications and keep you within the project’s budget. 

MIL SPEC AA-59588 Class 1 Silicones

Modus Advanced Adds Will Gardner as Product and Business Development Engineer

7 Considerations for Selecting an EMI Shielding Gasket Manufacturer

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