HiMag™ Microwave Absorbers

Easy to install and cost-effective microwave absorbing and RF absorbing materials.

Product Overview

Our HiMag™ Series of EMI / Microwave absorbing materials are dense rubber and foam based absorbers engineered and tested to exhibit superior performance in the most demanding military and commercial applications. Standard and custom high performance HiMag™ microwave absorber materials can be fabricated into custom shapes on one of our CNC cutting machines. Prior to cutting, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) can be added to any of our HiMag™ absorber products to simplify installation.

Key Benefits

Microwave Absorbers Made in the USA

Tuned Frequency Absorbers Offer 20dB of Attenuation

Resistant to UV, Ozone, Extreme Temperatures and Flame

Microwave Absorbers Used in Wireless Antenna Systems

Lowers Q Factor of the Cavity by Attenuating Cavity Oscillations


Product Offerings

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